About Madonna

Madonna is a respected and established personality in the disability community who works with disability organizations, leaders and businesses around the United States. She has a Bachelors Degree in Homeland Security. She consults for Pride Mobility Products  & Quantum Rehab as a Consumer Advocate. She has worked on accessible transportation with VPG Autos, MV1, AM General and Star Transportation Group (VETaxi) helping progress accessible taxi service.

Madonna has extensive experience in advertising, media & public relations. She is CEO & President of Loops Media Group. She owns Madonna Long Consulting LLC, which offers consulting in public relations specializing in the disability market. She is the Founder of 360Access, a technology platform for businesses accessibility information on their unique physical description or the services they offer for consumers with disabilities or seniors. Madonna has extensive experience in advocacy lobbying for durable medical equipment, transportation and taxi policy.

Madonna Crosthwaite Long grew up in Northern Nevada until 1975 when her family moved to Wyoming. She attended elementary and junior high in Rock Springs. Her sophomore year her family moved to Kemmerer. She is one of eight Crosthwaite children.

Madonna loved growing up in Nevada and Wyoming. She was the 1981 Homecoming Queen and held the long jump and triple jump records at Kemmerer High School.Madonna was injured for senior year of high school in a school bus accident that paralyzed her from her waist down. The school bus was descending down a mountain out of Salt Lake City Utah on a skiing trip from her high school in Kemmerer on December 6, 1981. She spent four months of rehabilitation at the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City.  After her rehabilitation she returned home to graduate with her class in 1982 in Kemmerer Wyoming.  She attended the University of Wyoming in 1983.

Madonna is the mother of four children Tyler, is 32.  Tyler was a Navy veteran and works for NASA.  Joshua is 30 and he lives in Utah.   Julie is 23 and lives in Utah with her brothers Josh and Tanner who is 20 and attends University of Wyoming. Her son Tyler and his wife Ashley live in California with her grandson Elex.

Madonna is a consumer advocate for Pride Mobility Products & Quantum Rehab a leading manufacturer of durable medical equipment, power wheelchairs and accessible devices for people disabilities.  She works with leading disability groups around the country and their leaders to help progress issues that affect people with disabilities. Madonna works with our nation’s leaders, Senators, Congressional Leaders and their staff in Washington DC as well as the Presidents administration on issues that concern People with Disabilities.

Her company, Madonna Long Consulting LLC and Loops Media Group has clients such as AM General, VPG Autos, Whittlesea Checker Taxi of Reno, Yellow Cab of Las Vegas & VETaxi/Star Transportation Group, in Pittsburgh we’re she works are consumer advocate and public relations liaison.  

Madonna has worked on transportation issues concerning the needs of people with disabilities an accessible transportation for over six years though out the Untied States.   She’s has helped communities like Washington DC, New York City and other cities in our nation with the concerns the shortage of accessible transportation as well as worked with the Nevada Legislature in 2015. 

Policy Work

Public Advocacy & Co-Chair

No on Question 3 Campaigns, Nevada                                     June 2018 – Nov 2018


  • Working with Nevada organizations to help educate them on Question 3 a ballot initiative.
  • Scheduling meetings and public comment on Question 3 throughout Nevada.
  • Meeting with local communities and leaders to educate them on Question 3.
  • Featured Advocate on No on 3 commercial.
  • Working with communities and leaders throughout Nevada on education of Question 3.

Advocate & Co-Chair

Jay Craddock Campaign for Nevada State Senate                     June 2016–June 2018


  • Scheduling appearances for Candidate.
  • Social Media & Media Correspondence on behalf of Candidate.
  • Advising on speeches or public outreach for Candidate.
  • Website management and updating.
  • Fundraising and arranging fundraising events.
  • Managing campaign software and outreach.
  • Coordinating Volunteers for meetings and canvasing.
  • Updating Databases for district voters and information relevant to campaign.
  • Public Relations, Marketing & Social Media.

Consumer Advocate           

Grip Solutions Pittsburgh, PA                                                         April 2014-June 2015

  • Establish or maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumers, employees, or public interest groups.

  • Arrange public appearances to increase product or service awareness or to promote goodwill.

  • Establish a working relationship with Vocational Rehabilitation & government relations with local and state agencies.
  • Social Media content.

Consumer Advocate & Public Relations                                               

VPG Autos MV1, Miami, Florida                                          September 2010-May 2012

  • Helped develop strategies for marketing and outreach. 
  • Directly hired team of advocates and supervised their activity at trades shows and media events.
  • Provided objectives, promotional policies, or needs to the Chairman to develop public relations strategies that would influence public opinion or promote ideas, products, or services for VPG Autos.
  • Worked directly on advocacy through national organizations. 
  • Arrange public appearances, events and exhibits to increase VPG and MV1 awareness and outreach.
  • Established working relationships with policy makers; mayors, city councils, regulators and state and national legislators to help increase regulations through disability policy.
  • Prepared policies for transportation authorities.
  • Hired by VPG Chairman to help progress advocacy for accessible transportation and regulations.
  • Successfully helped start dialog in Washington DC, New York and Pittsburgh to help progress accessibility for taxis regulation.

Consumer Advocate
 & Public Relations

Pride Mobility Products & Quantum Rehab Exeter         November 2007-Present


Consumer Advocate   & Public Relations   

AM General and MV1 Mishawaka, IN                                September 2011-May 2013

  • Helped develop strategies for marketing and programs.
  • Establish working relationship with policy makers; mayors, city councils, regulators and state and national legislators to help increase regulations through disability policy.
  • Prepare for policies from transportation authorities. 

Spokesperson and Advocacy     

Flexiciser , Hollywood, CA                                                    January 2011-January 2012

  • Spokes Model and Advocate for Flexciser.
  • Worked closely with photographers, fashion coordinators, directors and producers.
  • Worked diligently and passionately with a variety of groups for marketing and public relations.
  • Progressing advocacy for Medicare policy by starting necessary dialog at national and state level.
  • Working progressively with Medicare and Medicaid on coding.    


Legislation and Political Issues:

Air Carrier Amendments Act:                                                           Nationally 2018

The Air Carrier Access Amendments Act will protect the rights of passengers with disabilities in air transportation. S.1318 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)

  • Met with members of Congress on co-sponsoring this legislation.
  • Worked with Disability Advocates on passage of legislation and education


Seat Elevation for CRT:                                                                                 Nationally 2018

·     Worked with Centers for Medicaid Services in 2018 & 2019  to expand seat elevation features for payment with the Item Collation.

Question 3 Nevada:                                                                               Nevada 2018

NO on 3 Co-chair:                                 

Ballot Issue for Question 3

  • Met with disability groups to educate members on voting no on question 3
  • Worked with county groups to help educate member on question 3.

CRT (Complex Rehab Technology Legislation)                         National 2009 – 2018

  • CRT Wheelchair Accessories legislation‐ finished with total of 172 supporters; 147 members of Congress.
  • Separate Benefit Category legislation‐ finished with total of 193 supporters; 173 members in House (74Rs/99Ds, 25W&M, 21E&C); 20 members in Senate (9Rs/11Ds, 4FIN, 3HELP).

  • Worked with Nevada Medicaid 2016 to 2018 on this issue.

Medicare DME Competitive Bidding Program                   Nationally 2006 to 2018

Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA 2008)                                                                                                             Nationally 2008

Boards and Committees

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Board 2014 to 2019. Wyoming & Pennsylvania.
  • Board of Directors for Three Rivers Center for Independent Living; Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

  • American Association with People with Disabilities Gala Committee.
  • National Council for Independent Living Committee Member Emergency Preparedness Committee & Transportation.
  • 2014 State of Pennsylvania Rehab Council: Governor Tom Corbett appointment.
  • Speaker: Crossroads, Pittsburgh PA; Women and Girls Event.
  • Guest on Anderson Cooper TV show in New York City 2013.   
  • 1994 Candidate Nevada State Assembly advanced to General Election.


  • 2009 Ruth & George Brenyo Achievement Award Pittsburgh, PA
  • Three Rivers Center for Independent Living, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Movement Therapy Advocacy Award, Los Angeles,CA