Madonna Long works on government policy and regulatory affairs on community relations and communications services. Because each issue and policy is unique and her dedication to your needs to provide solutions and favorable outcomes.

Madonna owns Madonna Long Consulting LLC &  Loops Media Group, a marketing and media company.

Madonna has  worked with various companies focusing on Public Policy & Campaigns .Working on government and regulatory affairs, public and community relations.

Madonna has worked nationally in Washington DC in government affairs for Pride Mobility Products & Quantum Rehab from 2009 to Present. She is a nationally known and respected advocate.  She has worked on regulations in the transportation industry in Chiciago, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, New York City and Nevada on policy for accessible transportation.  Her Speciality is diverse groups and disability populations.

Working with Legislative staff or policy makers is about teamwork and providing accurate information for leaders to be informed is how we believe we can change and influence policy decisions.